Kids Who Care (KWC) was founded with the goal of raising the environmental ethic in Berkeley County by fostering environmental teachings within the school system.

Established in the 1991-1992 school year, KWC began working with middle school students in Berkeley County, South Carolina.  After a few years the focus was shifted to work with elementary children to try to reach the kids when they are most receptive.

In the years since it was founded, KWC has served over 75,000 children, and has awarded over $95,000 in grants to the winning schools to buy equipment and supplies for the enhancement of environmental teaching.

Our Mission

To raise the environmental ethic in Berkeley County by administering an environmental project competition in our schools and working as a resource to upgrade environmental science teaching.

Our Goals

  • Increase public environmental awareness
  • Stop environmental pollution at the source
  • Encourage conservation and recycling of environmental resources
  • Promote participation by individuals, organizations and communities in caring for environmental resources.

The Kids Who Care program is involved in two projects each year:

  1. An environmental project competition
  2. An environmental field day