As Executive Director of Elementary Schools for Berkeley County School District, I have been involved with the Kids Who Care program for 10 years.  The projects completed by our students are outstanding.  The students are involved with researching topics on how to improve our environment by recycling materials.  NatureScope gives students, teachers, and parents hands-on experiences to understand how to make wise choices to improve our environment.  Both of these programs are very beneficial for our schools and our community.

Susan G. Gehlmann, Ed. D.
Executive Director of Elementary Schools
Berkeley County School District

I am a new teacher to Berkeley County schools.  Therefore, this was the first time I participated in Kids Who Care and my class along with another won!!  It is very exciting to know that my students hard work and understanding of recycling items paid off.  It is also awesome to receive prize money to help out my classroom.  I think this is a great non-profit service!

Mrs. Valentine

I am a kindergarten teacher in Berkeley County and have found the Kids Who Care board to be an amazing group of dedicated volunteers who truly want to inspire the youth of today to be environmentally aware of the impact we have on this earth. They are there from the beginning of the school year with contacts available to volunteers in a wide array of businesses to help teachers with their project ideas.  The NatureScope field day they put together is superb, and provides an opportunity for students to experience a full day of science outside the classroom.  As a bonus, they award monetary prizes for projects and my class project just provided a $200 prize that will help enhance our environmental science studies.  This non-profit organization ROCKS!

Mrs. Perry

I have been involved with KWC from the very start. First as a volunteer and later as a board member. It is so wonderful to see the children’s faces as they “get it” when the speakers talk about environmental education. NatureScope is a 2 day field day filled with educational speakers. You cannot get this much information in the classroom.  The children get to touch it and experience it.  This is great!!

Mary Bell